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Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Hello, April ♥


♥ ♥ April, April I Missed You ♥ ♥

time really goes by so fast, because it's already April! this month is very special to me because i was born in April. i'm planning to do a Birthday Giveaway along with BBI 1st Giveaway Hop that's going to happen on April 13th. i'm going to give away 4 free books, so i hope everyone will be anticipating that event! :)) and talking about April, you can never miss out April Fool's Day which happens on April 1st. i guess most people must've known that this day is very popular for pulling pranks and jokes on other people: especially through lies. i've been very careful not to trust anybody on April Fool's Day because i kind of expected everyone wanted to tell a lie. Goodreads quote of the day for April Fool's Day is a good one by Mark Twain. 
April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four. - Mark Twain
and also, for those of you who wanted to know a little history of how April Fool's Day begin, here's a cute video i just found. watch it if you're interested :))

i'm waiting for my book package orders to arrive. when they do, i'll update on my newest book shopping for this month :) i'm currently reading Good Fight by Christian Simamora; a pretty thick book, but i hope i can finish in a few days *crossfingers*. i'm also planning on reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and watch the movie as well - since my friend said it was a very nice movie. am also very curious with the movie Hugo, but i found out it was adapted from a book. so i'm planning on reading the book first. i hope i'll be able to accomplish those things this month, even though i'm in the midst of assignments and all. so that's all for this month's greeting. Keep Up the Reading! :):)

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  1. Woaaah, aku juga lahir bulan April loh Kak.
    Btw, gifnya bagus-bagus :D


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