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Saturday, April 14, 2012

April New Books ♥

♥♥ Welcoming April New Books  ♥♥

First before I start I have to say, please don't judge me for being such a big spender when it comes to books. There's been lots of new books released recently, and I can't hold myself to buy those that interest me. My hands betrayed me. Anyway, but I'm still happy with all the books I buy. I guess I'll just not buy any other things except books. And one of the happiest thing for me this month is: I've got a new bookshelf! :D Which means more space for me to put my books, because last month my books are already building up on my desk. I hope this new shelf won't be full too soon, because I don't have much space left in my room. So, here's the books! (Book titles list after pictures)

/ / B O O K  S H O P P I N G  L I S T / /

2. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han (Gift from Gradien Mediatama) (Read my review here)

There are so many great and tempting new books, that's why I really can't hold myself. But I hope I won't buy a lot more the rest of this month. My allowance is starting to be gone little by little because of all the shopping madness I'm doing. Well, that's it for this month's book shopping report :)) I will continue in May ;) Bye! and Don't forget to join the BBI 1st Giveaway Hop (13-26 April 2012).

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  1. just wondering... dana buat beli buku-mu ga terbatas ya, stef?? kagum sekali sama timbunanmu tiap bulan :) :)

    1. hihihi, masi di danain sm orangtua.. apalgi mamiku sama2 penimbun buku.. jdinya sangat didukung deh ;P

  2. Huah, beli Good Fight juga!
    Nice blog, btw. Foto-fotonya juga bagus. *malah oot*
    Salam kenal ya.

    1. iyaa, bagus Good Fight-nya :D
      makasiihh, salam kenal jg ;))


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