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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to March & Welcome New Books :)


as usual, every month has its' own ups and downs. i've been through so many things lately; and it feels like my energy has been drained. literally. what i need right now is HOLIDAY; but i guess i won't be getting it in a while :1  my college life has been torturing me everyday with assignments. gives me headache every time i think about it. here's one of my college assignment; which is to create a new typeface/font! i never knew creating a typeface is such a hard work.

but, there's always good things happening at the same time :)
at the end of February, which was yesterday, i received a GREAT news from one of my favorite authors, Orizuka! :) i won 3rd place for Fate review contest! yayy! :D the prize was quite satisfying, which was a new edition copy of Fate, one free book by Orizuka, and a teddy bear keychain! :) but i am much more satisfied at heart rather than about getting the prize. thanks God! read my review for the contest here.


actually these books were bought towards the end of February; but i just got the time to post this ;)  didn't find much interesting books in the bookstores lately :1  so i just got these books from GagasMedia; as well as a Korean-translated book, which was adapted into a serial drama :) here's the list of the books:

1. Flavor of Love by aL Dhimas (read my review here)
2. Tentang Cinta by Naura Laily
3. My Princess by Hyun-Kyung Sohn
4. Rahasia Hati by Dian Purnomo

*links for the books will be updated soon*

i  also changed my header & background to welcome the new month :)
what do you think? ;)

BYE-BYE for now! :)
happy 1st of March

◕◡ ◕


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