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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Movie Adaptation Review: Gulliver's Travels

i just watched the movie adaptation of Gulliver's Travels; and i have to say that the plot is modified mostly. first of all, Lemuel Gulliver in this movie is this sort of loser, who works in the mailroom; while the Gulliver in the book was a surgeon. And then, unintentionally, Gulliver got this job to write a travel article for the girl he likes: Darcy Silverman. He goes on a journey, to the Bermuda Triangle. On a boat, he was caught in a storm, some sort of whirlpool which brings him to Lilliput.

in Lilliput, we met many characters such as Edward Edwardian; the Commander of Lilliput, who made Gulliver prisoner because he was accused of being a traitor their enemy: the Blefuscians. But after some time, Gulliver has succeeded to help the Lilliputians got out from various attacks by the Blefuscians; which was admired by the royal family of Lilliput. the funniest part was when Gulliver released his urine to put out fire in the castle. And Gulliver got the job as the Commander of Lilliput; making Edward furious because he hated Gulliver.

Edward then betrayed Lilliput and helped the Blefuscians to conquer Lilliput. He created a massive robot, which Gulliver cannot defeat. Causing Gulliver to be banished to the Island-Where-We-Dare-Not-Go; which is basically Brobdingnag from the book; the land of giants. Gulliver was extremely sad, until he found out Darcy was also stuck in this extreme world. So he went to fight Edward and saved Lilliput once again. Gulliver also brought peace between Lilliputians and Blefuscians.

the movie uses the basics of the story in the book, but completely modified the plot so it can relate to the modern world; which i really like :) in the book, the Lilliputians didn't even speak English, but in the movie they communicate easily. There are no Edward or Horatio (a friend of Gulliver in Lilliput) in the book. I think they are needed to spice up the movie :) it's quite disappointing though that the part of Brobdingnag was really short. i was hoping they would make a sequel for Brobdningnag :(

my favorite part was when the Lilliputians found Gulliver's iPhone on the beach, and saw the "Slide to Unlock" thing. LOL. their reaction was really really funny.

overall, a very entertaining movie! love the movie a lot more than the book;
even though the plot was different, the movie wasn't disappointing :)
a great movie adaptation, indeed. All Hail Lilliput! :D


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