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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10,000 Pageviews! Thank You!

// 10,000 PAGEVIEWS // 

i'm that kind of person who celebrates everything. so pardon me for posting this ;P
i'm extremely thrilled that my blog finally reached the first 10,000th pageviews :) as i've always said, i hope everyone who visited my blog received many useful information about books. and i will always work harder to read more books and write better reviews for everyone :) thank you for my family, friends, and visitors who have visited my blog. much love to you all! ♥



  1. Congratz!! Nice progress. Btw, dimana sih cara liat pageviews gitu?

    1. aww makasii okyy ;*
      liat di Stats aja, ada pageviews harian, per bulan, sm post apa aj yg sering dibuka :D


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