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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book Review: Gulliver's Travels

BOOK review

Started on: 28.January.2012
Finished on: 29.January.2012

i have to say it's been a long long journey reading this book, literally. Lemuel Gulliver takes me along on various unfortunate and unbelievable voyages, which he survived somehow. i do have to admit that this book is extremely unique with its' vivid imagination; but somehow i feel something lacking from this book. whether it might be lack of excitement, or lack of intensity, i don't know. or maybe it's just me being not very fond of a book published in 1726. but i have no regrets reading this book, because Jonathan Swift did have an amazing imagination in creating Gulliver's voyages. so here's the book review, consisting 2 out of 4 Gulliver's different voyages :)



the story starts by introducing the main character of the book: Lemuel Gulliver; a surgeon/doctor who's very fond of traveling. one day, during one of his travels, the ship he was in encounters a terrible storm. Gulliver was escaping on a rowboat with several others; but soon he lost sight of other people. fortunately, Gulliver swims safely to shore, and fell asleep.

when he woke up, he found himself tied to the ground, only able to look upwards. and then he feels something creeps up on him. that was the moment when he saw those creatures; tiny people, less than 6 inches high, the inhabitants of Lilliput: the Lilliputians. Gulliver was kept as a prisoner for some time, and soon after, he gained his freedom and gets to live in Lilliput as a resident. and because of Gulliver's monstrous features, he had to assist Lilliput to stop the invasion from their enemy: the Blefuscudians. however, when Gulliver did not do as he was told, the Lilliputians accused him of treason; and was going to be blinded.

fortunately, Gulliver was able to escape to Blefuscu;
finding a boat, and miraculously returned to his native island.


in Gulliver's second voyage, he was again traveling on a ship. and because they were desperate for water, they went to a land. but somehow Gulliver was left behind; leaving him found by a farmer, who's 72 feet tall. he was then brought home by the farmer, and Gulliver was being taken care of by a young girl. the farmer, finding Gulliver very unique and interesting, presents Gulliver in front of a huge crowd for money. soon, the words spread and reaches the Queen of Brobdingnag. she wanted to see the show.

the Queen quickly fell in love with Gulliver and decided to buy him from the farmer. she even makes Gulliver his own box; a form of a small house with small sized table, chairs, bed, knife and fork, suitable for Gulliver's size. during these times, Gulliver faced a lot of misfortunes such as encountering a huge rat, fighting giant wasps, and even got carried away by a monkey. he also discusses political matters with the King, and somehow the King wasn't pleased with Gulliver's statements.

on a day when Gulliver was brought to the seaside, his box somehow floats in the sea, and got picked up by people on a ship. which brings him safely back to England.

i only wrote 2 voyages, because i thought it would be too long to write all 4 voyages. for those who are curious about the rest of the book, you can read the book :)

as i've said, the book had an amazing idea and great imagination in creating Lilliput, Brobdingnag, and other places invented in the story. but i didn't feel satisfied enough with the book, because it wasn't as exciting as i thought it would be. and in these two voyages, there are many talks of politics (which isn't my favorite topic); making me a little bit bored during some parts of the book. the story is written in a first person point of view. since the Lilliputians and people in Brobdingnag doesn't speak English, there are no dialogues, at all. and it bores me out sometimes, i feel like reading a textbook :1

but still, considering all those things, i would still give it a 3. because i really really admire Jonathan Swift's imagination. absolutely amazing :)

3/5 stars


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  2. hahahha iyaa, aku pas baca jg bayangin Jack Black terus :P
    sayang bukunya g seseru filemny ;<


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