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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year, New Layout

NEW year, new LAYOUT!

well, as you can see, my blog has a new LAYOUT. it's probably been a little more than a month since i last posted New Layout! post back in november. and now i'm posting another one in december. phew. i really hope i can settle with one layout and doesn't get bored easily.
there's nothing really special though in this layout. i basically used the simple template from blogger and edit things around with images, adjusting the widths, and stuffs. it's actually the simplest layout compared to my previous ones. i'm pretty much happy with the results because with this simple layout, i can put up lots of gadgets and widgets to spice up my blog ;)

compared to my previous layout, i add more colors for this one ;) and there's a whole lot more widgets and gadgets on the sidebars. i've got Chatter box for you to chat with me (maybe, if you want ;)) and there are links of online bookstores on the right sidebar; My Twitter updates and Blogroll of my blogging mates below the Labels. there's also Feedjit which will let me know where my blog visitors came from! i don't know if having this much widgets/gadgets might slow down the blog loading :\

SO, feel free to comment on the new layout!

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