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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Movie Adaptation Review: One Day


as i've promised, i'm going to post a review on the movie after reading the book. :) i won't talk about plots anymore because i covered that in the book review. i will only share my thoughts on the movie.
in the movie adaptation of One Day, the two main characters are played by Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. i'm very familiar with Anne Hathaway since she's in The Princess Diaries movie. since then, i saw a lot of her movies and see her as a very professional and dedicated actress. while i've never heard of Jim Sturgess before :1  but i watched the movie anyway, since i've already read the book :D

for me, the movie portrays the plot of the story perfectly. i watched the movie right after i finished the book, so the plot is still very fresh in my memory. even though some parts are changed slightly, but the scenes still delivers the original message that was intended: Emma and Dexter are best friends who are always longing for each other for years.

another thing that amazed me from this movie is how Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) really looked like they grew up in the movie. the face, their hairstyles, clothing; everything portrays well the era of 80s and 90s. Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway both looked very young in 1988 (is this the power of make up?). both of them look best in 1999-2000; very handsome and pretty (which is the 4th picture below) ;)
below are series of pictures i found from google, showing how they both changed from 1988-2011.

this last picture of Dexter remind me of the ending. i cried when Dexter cried on the bed. it was a very heartbreaking scene. i now admit Jim Sturgess did his job very well as an actor. i think the movie is a lot more emotional than the book; i don't know is it because i can see the expression on his face, and get sympathetic and emotional as well.
as a movie adaptation, this movie did very well :) i'm saying this from the point of view of someone who reads the book first then watch the movie :D if any of you who only watched the movie have different opinions, please kindly share ;)

that's it for the movie review ;)


  1. belum baca ma nonton One Day >.<
    filmnya uda lama ato baru2 ada Stef?

  2. cowoknya cakep, pengen nonton filmnya deh :)

  3. heheheh :D masi baru2 aja kq filemny :) paling bru bbrp bulan gtuu..

  4. iy cowokny cakep :D aplg pas taun 80an itu, unyu2 bgt.. hahaha :D:D

  5. ini film aku pengen banget nonton... apalagi sjk tau tnyata dari buku hehe :)

  6. Waaah aku juga pengen nonton nih, tapi juga pengen baca bukunya dulu. Sayang review bukunya di goodreads kok ga tlalu bagus. Gimana menurut kamu bukunya? oke ga? atau mending nonton filmnya aja langsung?

  7. @Sabrina: ayo ditontonn :D lmayan kq filemny ;)

    @Nana: bukunya sih lumayan menurutkuu, mskipun mgkn not the best. terlalu complicated sih kalo menurut ak :) review lengkapku ada di: ( =) kalau gmau repot2 baca novelnya lgsg ntn filemnya aj ;) sama persis kq

  8. It's beautiful ya Stef.. setiap scene-nya indah, pencahayaannya sweet, actingnya cantik.

    Eh uda download OSTnya blm?

  9. iyaaa, cantik bangett gambarnyaaa :)
    belum sempat donlod OST ny :'( internet lgi lemott bangett hahaha


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