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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ooh, the sweet smell of new books ♥

WELCOME sweet new books

yesterday was a very happy day for me :) 
as you can see, i went to the bookstore yesterday and got some new books! this definitely cheer me up after a very sorrowful couple of weeks because of my final semester exam. as usual, books always can make me smile :) hihi. so here's the list of the books i got today ;) i linked them to goodreads if any of you are interested to see the ratings, reviews, or summary maybe ;)

Cowboys & Aliens is going to be in the cinema, starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. something to look forward to ;)

so that's the list ! :) i've heard plenty good things about The Mortal Instrument series, Divergent and also Heroes of Olympus series. if any of you are interested, quickly grab one from the bookstores ;)
that's it for the update today :)
i'll see you guys soon with a review ;)


  1. Divergent bagus banget stef O^~^O baca itu duluan aja hihi

  2. masaa ? :D kmu ud baca yaah? ok ntar ak baca itu dehh ;) hihihii :*

  3. Hellow there,another indonesian book blogger here.salam kenal :D
    Wah,buku2 baru km bagus2
    Aku jg baru aja selesai baca divergent,bagus bgt! I haven't read hunger games yet but this is very good dystopian for me.
    mortal instrument is one of my fave series too.u should read it.
    Dan matched...pengen bgt tp masi ragu.haha.
    Enjoy your book!

  4. @Elisa: haiiii :) salam kenal jg ;)
    wah blm baca hunger games y? seru banget lohh ceritanyaa :D ak suka bgt!
    thanks buat recommendationny :)
    btw you have a nice blog ;)


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