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Monday, November 21, 2011

New Layout !

THE TIME has finally come. 
i have left my classic blogger behind, and welcome the new blogger template!
i'm quite sad actually to be changing my blog layout, because i love it so much :(
but i found many difficult things with the classic blogger;
some of the problems includes the navigation on older & newer posts and each posts doesn't have individual links. so i've come to a decision: to change into the new blogger! yay! :)
now every problems are solved ;)

i screenshot my blog and added some information to help you navigate through my new layout :)
the first picture explains left sidebar,
and the second one is for the widgets & gadgets at the bottom of the page :)
i hope everyone likes the new layout :)



  1. wow keren, cara buatnya bijimana ini? :))

  2. ak cm download template dari aja :) terus modif font, warna, dll gituu ;)

  3. huwaaaa. keren! keren! tapi suka template blogmu yg lama :)
    oh ya, kok labels-nya terpotong? ga bisa liat semuanya :(

  4. makasiihhh :):) iya sebetulnya ak jg lbih suka yg lamaa, tapi banyak kkurangannya :(
    oooo :O mungkin resolusiny ya? coba d zoom out :)


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