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Friday, October 28, 2011

thebookielooker: A History

thebookielooker: A History

so this post will tell a (not so important) history of how thebookielooker is made :)
back when i was in high school, i tried blogging but i didn't understand anything html related stuffs. and i also didn't know what i should write in my blog. time passed by, and that blog was neglected in the end.

recently, my good friend made a blog about her idol band 2PM and post random news related with Kpop. if you're interested in 2PM and Kpop, you can visit her blog:
few days after that, she told me about her blog, and tells me to make a blog too. i wasn't really interested actually, remembering that i've already tried that in high school and failed. but when i got home and had nothing to do, i randomly sign in to blogger and browse for blog templates. then i had this idea of making a book blog - because i read quite a lot and i like to write reviews :)
and then i came up with the name thebookielooker. i don't how i got that name, but it sounds cute and it describe what my blog is about.

from that day, i started to write reviews for every book that i read :) it's a good thing for me too, it keeps me writing and reading everyday ;) i'm very happy with my blog now, and i will keep posting when i have time. and also probably changes my template in the future (hopefully) ;)
i hope everyone enjoy reading my blog and finds my post helpful. ^^

Special thanks for BBI (BlogBukuIndonesia) for letting me join the book blog club :)
it's been an honor knowing each and everyone in the group. makes me happy to know i'm not the only one being addicted to books :P


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