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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Busy Week. Chicken Puff ♥

CHICKEN PUFF. my college project.

so this is one of the things making my reading time so limited. 
i have a class called Entrepreneurship 3; where i have to make a retail business and sell something. so my friends and i decided to sell fried chicken snack that we call: Chicken Puff. the product is a deep-fried chicken fillet, cut into small pieces, and then flavored with variety of sauce and spices. for those of you who are familiar with this kind of food, it may sound similar to taiwan street snack :) this is a modified version of that snack, because we also add many kinds of sauce such as mayonnaise and chili sauce. 
here's the picture of the product for you to see :)

each group then have to sell the product in a public place. i am selling this product in one of Surabaya's mall called Golden City Mall. this retail project starts from 21st October until 16th November. (so for that period of time, i'll be extremely easy and might be difficult for me to read and post in the blog) :( the shop opens from 10 AM-10 PM. so me and my friends have to arrange our schedule between classes and selling this product. (which is actually very very tiring) :(
but nevertheless, i'm doing this with a happy heart ♥ i'll think of it as a kind of experience for me to create successful business in the future :) i'm also very happy that Chicken Puff already gained so many customers for these week :) here's some pictures of Chicken Puff's customers :)

SO, for those of you from Surabaya city!
 come and visit Chicken Puff. 
only at Golden City Mall Lt. G Foodcourt, Stand #58

 you can also help by liking our FACEBOOK page:
Chicken Puff

and visit our BLOG:

thanks for your help ;) bye for now ! :)

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