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Monday, September 26, 2011

Reading: Heaven on Earth

first day.
well today wasn't a day just like any other for me :P
today is my first day on mid-term test week! i hope i will do well on every subject. really hoping that i could increase my GPA this semester :)
but even so, i still got time to read at the moment. i've chosen an indonesian book to read this time ;) (it's been quite a long time i haven't read any indonesian books). i'm also quite behind on my yearly-challenge, so i have to stop reading english books for a while. here's the book i'm reading at the moment:


first of all, the cover looks very nice. (i sometimes judge books by its' cover - which i know is a bad habit) the title also sounds very promising. somehow filled with emotions. but i've never read any of this author's work before, so i guess i'll try this one out.
unfortunately, the blurb on the back of the book doesn't give away the plot of the story. so i have no idea what the story's going to be about. somehow it sounds quite sad and emotional. but i'll see how the story goes inside the book. ;) will write a review after finished reading :)
*off to go read now*


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