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Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm Smurfed!

 THE smurfs
today is the last day of my mid-term exam week ! so i decided to give myself a little treat by buying some DVDs to watch at home :) i choose to watch The Smurfs first, because i lovee cartoons/animated movies. the story begins with smurf village being all happy and smurfy, until suddenly Clumsy lead the evil wizard Gargamel into the village and destroyed everything! this event lead the Smurfs into some sort of black hole that brings them to New York. Gargamel kept chasing the Smurfs around to catch them and gain more powers; but the Smurfs have made friends with Patrick and Grace and got some help.

overall, the movie is very enjoyable (even though the plot is simple and not that exciting) and sometimes funny too ;) my favorite characters in the movie are Papa Smurf and Smurfette ♥. Papa Smurf is very wise and loving to all his children, while Smurfette is the only girl in the village and is very sweet :)

and after the tiring week, i feel like sleeping all the time :X maybe i'll go watch another movie to prevent myself from sleeping too much. or read a book, maybe.


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