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Monday, June 29, 2015

June 2015: Book Haul


This month, I've got quite a handful of books—as you can probably see from the picture above. Some of these books I actually ordered in May, but only just arrived recently. I have to admit, I lack self-control this month. Maybe it's because life has been so hectic lately and I need something to relieve the stress—and buying books definitely helps for me. In total, I got 14 books this month: 6 Indonesian books (4 were sent to me by author/publisher) and 8 English books. I've read some of the books from this pile and am very excited to read the rest of them. Here are the books I've got in June!

This book has been in my wishlist for quite a while, so when I saw that had this book available for about 70K, I instantly put it in my shopping cart. To be completely honest, I actually liked the US edition better—the one with the sun burst around the title. But I guess this UK edition isn't so bad either. I loved it because the paper edges are all yellow-colored. Hopefully I can read this within this year because I've heard a lot of great things about it.

I was really thankful when I received a package from Penerbit Haru filled with these 3 books—I ws especially thrilled about this one! The long-awaited third book in The Chronicles of Audy series is finally out and I immediately started reading it the day after the package arrived. It's a pretty light read and I was able to finish it within a day. You can click on the book review link above to read my thoughts about it ;)
Here's the second book from the same package sent to me by Penerbit Haru. This book is published in May and it's always fun to read these comic strips about blood types. It was very entertaining to see how differently each blood types react in certain situations. And since it's a comic book, it doesn't take me too long to finish it. My review for this book will be published early next month ;)
I have actually read the English version of this book last month, but Penerbit Haru kindly sent me the translated edition published by Penerbit Spring, their imprint that worked on translating English books. I really enjoyed this book and I might consider doing a giveaway for this book soon. Hopefully when I have time. You can read my book review to see my thoughts on the English edition :))

I received this book from the author herself, Sofi Meloni, who kindly sent me a copy to be read and reviewed. The story was originally written in Wattpad and I have to say that this book is definitely a page-turner. Again, feel free to check out my review for this book in the link above. Once again, I'd like to thank the author for giving the chance to read this book! ;*
For this one, I actually bought it myself at a Gramedia bookstore, because I wasn't lucky enough to get a copy from the giveaway that the author held a while ago. And since Sefryana Khairil is one of my favorite authors, I'd have to get it even though I couldn't get it for free. I'm writing this post on the 21st, but I'm guessing I'll be finished with the book by the time this post is published. So hopefully a review will be coming soon next month :D

These two are quite an impulsive buy when I was strolling around a Periplus bookstore. I already have an e-book copy of this book so I wasn't planning on buying a paperback copy. But how can I resist when it's sitting there beautifully on display for me to pick it up and bring it home? The book is not on sale or anything; I bought it full price. Oh well, the reviews for this book are mostly positive. So hopefully I'll enjoy it as well.
Here's the second book that I got from Periplus bookstore as well. Even though I also have an e-book copy of this book, I do actually have plans on getting the paperback copy because I've always loved Gayle Forman's beautiful writing. However, I didn't immediately buy it when it was published because I heard mixed reviews about this book. Then after I went around the bookstore for about 10 times, I finally decided to buy it. No regrets there.

I placed quite a LOT of orders on Book Depository since the end of May up until mid-June—some might probably come next month. I have to admit I went a little bit crazy. So late May, Book Depository had this paperback bargains and at that point I instantly lost my self-control. I ordered four books at once. Which I never did before. I know I should hold myself together but I couldn't resist all those beautiful paperbacks for less than $10 each. So here's the first one that came in the mail and I'm slowly collecting this extremely popular series while I wait for the series to end. Heart great things about it, hopefully I can read it soon :))
Still from the same paperback bargain purchase, I finally decided to get this chunky book because I heard a lot of good things about it. This book was published in 2013, so I'm pretty late at getting this book. But since I got it for quite a cheap price for such a thick book, I think it's okay ;)) I actually know nothing about the book; all I know is that it's an adult fiction book. Hopefully it'll be a good one.

I was in a dilemma when I saw this book in the paperback bargain section; because I already have an e-book copy but I could not resist the beauty of this edition. I don't know why I love that lobster-thingy in the middle of the book! So I decided to get it in the end, even though (again) I don't know much about the story. The reviews on Goodreads are pretty positive though, so I'm excited to read it.
The last book from this paperback bargain purchase is actually a book I already own, read, and reviewed. So you may ask, why did I order another copy? The reason is mostly because of that cover. I've been wanting that edition of The Book Thief for so long because I think it's beautiful. Since it's one of my favorite books ever, I thought it wouldn't hurt to have two copies on my bookshelf. I'm happy I got this book for less than $10 :D

Kamus Visual Tipografi by Nikko Purnama Lukman | Non-Fiction
I ordered this book together with my friend who's also a typography enthusiast and he finally gave it to me about a week ago. If you didn't know already, Nikko Purnama is the founder of @thedailytype on Instagram, in which he posted typography inspiration pictures submitted by people from all over the world. His instagram feed is amazing, especially for me who loves seeing typography artworks. I absolutely love the design and layout of this book. I might do a review for it when I have the time.

So I actually already read the e-book version of this book even before the book arrived. I ordered this book from, and I know it's kind of unnecessary for me to buy the book when I already read it. But I couldn't resist the beauty of that cover. And the first book needs a friend by its' side. So... yeah. You can click the link above to read my full review on the book ;)

That's all for this month's book haul, I hope nobody's judging for spending tons of money on books. I promise I'll try my best to control my desire to buy more books next month. It's kind of a promise to myself, because I need to save money for my upcoming holiday trip. Did you buy any books this month? Or have you read any of the books that I hauled this month? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!
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  1. aku juga sempat lihat yg i'll give you the sun waktu harganya masih 70 an tapi ragu haha sekarang harganya udah melonjak sampe 180 an. lucky for you!

    1. Iyaa skrg harganya naik bgt, gk nyesel deh wktu itu beli xD

  2. Kak stef, font "June Book-Haul"nya dapet darimana? bagus banget:D


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