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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

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Here we are again in another Top 10 Tuesday post! And I'm really excited to do this post because the topic is to list Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have. Being a reader is a fun and happy thing for me, but there are times when it becomes a problem in my life. I hope I'm not the only reader with these problems. Or maybe if you've overcome some of these problems, you can share your tips with me in the comments below :D Without further ado, here's the list in no particular order :))

1. No more space on my bookshelves.
This is an ongoing problem which I think is quite impossible to solve. Unless I stop buying books forever. Which is even more impossible. And I've been trying my best to somehow solve this from time to time by unhauling some of my books. But still, every time a new books comes along, I'm always confused about where to put them.
2. Don't know what to read next even when I have tons of books on my TBR.
This only happens occasionally, but there are times when I just looked through my bookshelves, scanning the spine of all the books, and felt like I don't know what I want to read next. I (kind of) solved this problem by writing down a set of TBR books in my wrap-up posts, which functions as a reading schedule for me in the coming month. I don't always stick to it though, especially if I have newer books that I want to read.
3. Book hangover.
After finishing a really REALLY good book, sometimes I can't help but always think about it—even when I'm already starting another book.
4. Easily attracted by pretty book covers.
A pretty cover is my downfall. These days I'm a bit more careful in making my book purchase, but still, beautiful covers always gets me.
5. I'm a slow reader.
How I wish I could read 5 books per week. That would make tackling my TBR pile so much easier. I think I will talk about my reading pace in a separate post.
6. I tend to buy more than one edition for my favorite books (especially if the covers are lovely).
I have multiple copies of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Mitch Albom books, Nicholas Sparks books, and also A Song of Ice and Fire series. I think there are more, but you got the point.
7. Spent too much money on books.
Like I've said earlier this year, I'm trying to be more thrifty by writing down all my expenses each month. And it became obvious to me that a whole bunch of my money goes to buying books. It's really problematic. I want to save money, but I also want new books...
8. Dirty books.
It's really hard to clean books often because I have quite a lot of books and some of them are stashed deep inside the cupboards. And I don't really have the time to wipe everything every day, or even once a week. I probably do it once every 6 months or so. But then all my books become dusty and even have yellowed pages with spots. I might also do a post about taking care of books and ways to clean them in the future.
9. Can't help comparing the movie adaptation with the original book.
Of course, this only happens if I've read the book first before watching it. However, I don't really compare the two if there's a certain amount of time between reading the book and watching the movie. Because my memory about the book would be vague, and I'll just take what the movie offered.
10. Spoilers!
I think spoilers can ruin a reading experience—especially if it's like a mystery or some kind of plot twists that can surprise the reader in the end. I always try to avoid spoilers, but sometimes I accidentally read it or someone just told me unexpectedly.

That's it for this week's Top 10 Tuesday! Again, feel free to comment below if you're suffering the same problems as me :D Or maybe share any other book-related problems that you have :) Hopefully I'll be able to join in next week's topic as well. Okay, bye now!
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  1. 1. Itu masalahku bertahun-tahun, selalu kurang tempatnya lol. Bahkan ruang buku lebih besar dari ruang tidurku sekarang.
    2. Jarang sih yang ini tapi jika terjadi aku hanya menutup mata lalu mengambil buku secara acak dan membacanya.
    3. Yeah, I knew that feeling
    4. Karena udah pernah baca beberapa buku yang sangat bagus walau covernya sakitin mata, hal ini terobati hehe
    5. Aku tidak pernah alami ini, aku pembaca spasial. 1 buku paling lama 4jam :)
    6. Aku seringkali membeli buku yang sama karena dipinjam tidak kembali, ada satu buku yang kubeli 27 kali.
    7. Aku pernah merasakannya, ketika buku yang terbit dan penghasilan tidak berbanding lurus lol Sekarang lebih pakai budget bulanan :)
    8. Jika sudah selesai kubaca, biasanya buku akan kubungkus plastik. Jadi buku yang 5 tahun lalu kubeli masih seperti baru sekarang.
    9. Never.
    10. Aku akan histeris jika mendengar spoiler seperti itu. Lol

    Blognya asik banget, banyak hal tentang buku yang menarik :)
    I Love it :)

    1. Wooww hebat baca 1 buku bs 4 jam aja :D Buku-ku juga dibungkus plastik sih, tapi bagian kertasnya msh tetep kotor :( Thank you for visiting! ;D

  2. I can relate to your problems! I'm a slow reader too. It almost feels like I would never get my TBR pile to at least five. I used to be easily tempted by pretty covers. Now if the reviews of the book are not good, I'll just print the cover in a photo paper and keep it in my binder :D
    I store my books in a closed cabinet so they don't get dusty. Some of them turn to yellow though. Still don't know how to take care of that :(
    I'd love to read your tips on how to take care of books

    1. I will never get my TBR to even 50 I think XD Yes, hopefully the tips post will be coming soon :D

  3. Ah aku rencana mau beli kontainer gitu Stef buat naruh buku-buku yang kayak penghuni setren kali alias numpang sana-sini. Mau beli rak udah nggak ada tempat tapi kasihan sama buku-buku yang posisinya nggak "sehat" XD

    1. Hahaha XD Iya buku-bukuku juga banyak yg posisinya nggak sehat XD

  4. I have the opposite problem...I read too fast! Trust me, it doesn't sound like a problem, but it is.

    Here's my Top Ten!

  5. Nomor 8 salah satu masalahku juga. Buku2ku udah banyak yang menguning. Sayang bangeeeet! :'(
    *elus2 buku*

    1. Hahaha iyaaaa, seandainya bisa tetep kayak baru selamanya :(

  6. 1 of my problem, selalu bikin2 alasan "buku kan ga bisa expired, jd gpp dibeli skrg bacanya kapan2 pdhl juga gatau mau dibaca kapan hehehe


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