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Monday, May 5, 2014

Book Review: The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner, #1) by James Dashner

BOOK review
Started on: 25.April.2014
Finished on: 29.April.2014

Title : The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner, #1)
Author : James Dashner
Publisher : Delacorte Press
Pages : 375 Pages
Year of Publication : 2010
Price : $ 11.27 (

Rating: 5/5
#250th review on this blog! 
Movie adaptation trailer is included at the end of this post ♥
"He'd only known what it was like to be alive here for a short while and he already wanted it to end. He wished for all the world he could remember something about his previous life. Anything. His mom, his dad, a friend, his school, a hobby. A girl."
A boy is suddenly brought in a box into a place called the Glade; he only remembered his name, Thomas; and all other memories he had are vague. He can remember pieces of things, but nothing exact. The Glade is full of teenage boys - around 60 of them - who call themselves Gladers. Each group of people are assigned to different jobs, creating a community of survival for two long years. The Glade is surrounded by a maze - where a deadly creature they call Grievers go around at night, but thankfully the maze Doors closes after sunset. As a newbie in the Glade, Thomas has a lot to learn; but there's something about him that is going to change everything. And it all starts when someone else is sent from the Box: the very first girl, and the last person who will be sent.

"Out there's the Maze... Everything we do - our whole life, Greenie - revolves around the Maze. Every lovin' second of every lovin' day we spend in honor of the Maze, tryin' to solve somethin' that's not shown us it has a bloody solution, ya know? And we want to show ya why it's not to be messed with. Show ya why them buggin' walls close shut every night. Show ya why you should never, never find your butt out there."
After delivering a haunting message, the girl falls into a coma - but somehow Thomas feels familiar with her, even though he doesn't remember anything. And so Thomas started learning more about life in the Glade, including The Changing - that happens to a person after being stung by a griever - that makes that person regain past memories. A boy named Ben, who went through the Changing, said something bad about Thomas - which makes Thomas even more curious about his past and identity. Days later, Thomas found out about the Runners - a group of Gladers whose job is to run around the Maze to figure out the patterns of the moving walls, and to find an exit.

One day, the Keeper of the Runners, Minho, and the leader of the Glade, Alby, returned late from the Maze. Alby was stung by a Griever and the Doors are closing for the night - the most dangerous time to be in the Maze. Thomas who witnessed Minho and Alby unable to get back to the Glade, decided to enter the Maze. Even though it was Thomas' first experience in the Maze, he proved himself capable of being a Runner - and it all seems natural to him. He then started to follow Minho running around the Maze, figuring out the changes and mapping out the patterns everyday. And they both discovered something they never knew before.
"How could anyone be evil enough to do this to us? He understood more than ever the passion the Gladers felt for finding their way out of the Maze. It wasn't just a matter of escape. For the first time, he felt a hunger to get revenge on the people responsible for sending him there.... This is my life, he thought. Living in a giant maze, surrounded by hideous beasts."
When Thomas visited the girl who's in coma, she suddenly spoke to him telepathically - talking about things Thomas never imagined before. But the girl, whose name is Teresa, said that the two of them did all of this to the people in the Gladers. Although they started gathering clues, Thomas is dying to gain his memory back and understand all the things that's been going on. And maybe, the last option to solve everything, is by sacrificing himself.
"Despite the alternative, despite knowing that if they hadn't tried to escape, all of them might've died, it still hurt, even though he hadn't known them very well. Such a display of death - how could it be considered a victory?"

So let me first say how amazing this book is! I'm so glad I started reading this series because the movie adaptation is going to come out in September this year. This book is action-packed, intense, full of excitement, and it doesn't leave me rest even for just a second. It just keeps throwing new problems into the story, which made me looking for answers throughout the story - and I literally can't stop reading (well, except for times when I'm in college, of course). Some people who've read the book mentioned there's no romance in this book - and it turns out to be true; well, there's a tiny bit of romance, it's just too overshadowed by the intensity of the story; but I have absolutely no problem with that! I even think too much romance would seem weird in such an intense setting. Oh gosh, I don't even know how to express myself *still overflowing with emotions after reading the epilogue*

Seriously, there's so many things going on in the story that I feel like I can't really summarize it well - I'm sorry for that. The book is written in third-person point of view; but it kind of focuses more on what Thomas sees. As I've stated above, the story begins with Thomas arriving in the Glade inside the Box - and there's so much new information to take in. But I'm really glad Thomas is as confused about everything as I am - so we are guided to understanding the life in the Glade little by little. The world building is great and it makes me understand the lives of the Gladers. As for the rest of the story, I won't really get much into that - because I would spoil too much! I think my plot summary is enough, you should read the rest of the book yourself ;) The Maze Runners has a lot of chapters - which are fairly short, but they kept me reading because there's always new conflict and new development as the story goes. It's really fast-paced, lots of up-and-down, thrilling, exciting, and it always keeps me on the edge of my seat. There's a whole lot of scenes in the book, which helps in developing the story as well as showing the personality of each characters who are focused in this book. The ending? It makes me want to start reading The Scorch Trials immediately. I was given a (really) short break just before the ending, thinking that everything is finally at ease. But no, that's never going to happen with this story, I think. And the preview chapters of The Scorch Trials at the end of the book just makes me squeeze the book in excitement. (I think that describes the ending enough without spoiling anything, right?) ;)

As for the characters, there are only several people focused in the story - and I'm really glad it did, because it helps me engage and sympathize with them. First of all, I don't need to think twice to choose my favorite character; has to be ♥ Minho, the Keeper of the Runners! ♥ I was attracted to his character on his first appearance after he came back from the Maze - and treated Alby like no one else did. At first I wasn't sure if I was attracted to his personality, or the fact that he's Asian and his name sounds Korean lol. But after finishing the book, I'm pretty sure I fell in love with his personality. Minho is probably the most logical person among the crowd; he makes decision quickly for the best benefit, he's loyal, and he's a Runner! And I'm so happy Ki Hong Lee is casted as Minho for the movie adaptation, really excited to see him on screen! Let's take a moment to appreciate this wonderful fanart of Minho ♥
Minho snickered and leaned back in his chair. "Man, you are one butt-load of sunshine, let me tell you. I'm with Thomas. I'm with Thomas one hundred percent. If we're gonna die, let's freakin' do it fighting."

Yes I am in love with this book, and hopefully the rest of the books in the series won't disappoint. Overall, it was a fantastic reading experience; I should've read this sooner! But I am a little bit worried about the movie adaptation, because I feel like every scene is important - so if they cut out a lot of scenes, maybe it wouldn't be the same? Who knows, I just hope the movie adaptation would be as intense as the book is. Really really can't wait to start reading The Scorch Trials! And for those who haven't seen the movie trailer for The Maze Runner, check it out below ;)

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  1. absolutely love your review and the fanart♥ gotta read this soon after I finished with Dear John :) I've watched the movie trailer and it's great! can't wait for the movie :D

    1. thank you! looking forward to what you think about the book ;)

  2. Aku juga lebih suka Minho dari pada si Thomas XD

    Semoga filmnya nggak mengecewakan ya :3

    1. hihihi samaa xD iya mudah2an ngga mengecewakan ;D


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