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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Half-way Through 2012 & 50,000+ Views: Happy June!

June is definitely a very happy month; especially for me, because June always means semester holiday! :)) I've been extremely busy this semester, and I absolutely don't understand why all the lecturers never runs out of assignments to give. This affected my reading choice; I've been reading Indonesian book during these times, so I could keep reading and writing reviews in quite a short time; because reading an English book always took me more than 3 days (even a week probably). So now that it's holiday already, I'm going to read English books more often. YAYY! and June becomes even more happier for me, because I just passed 50,000 pageviews on my blog! :D I'm really happy that it turns out people find my blog advantageous and useful for them :) I'll keep doing what I'm doing for as long as I can.

This month's resolution:
1. Hopefully I can increase my GPA this semester (even though it's very unlikely to happen, but pray for me).
2. Be more selective in buying books, hopefully.
3. Clean up my room (which has been very messy this semester) and rearrange my books into a neat pile.
4. Eat less; because I'm eating tons of things lately. I love cakes :9
5. Read more books; especially English.
6. Write more and better book reviews.
7. lastly, Have a wonderful and happy holiday!

That's all for this month's greeting; once again I thank every viewers who keeps reading my reviews! For students who're also having their holiday, I hope you're enjoying your time and spend it with a happy heart ^^. I'll update new books for this month by mid-June. Bye!

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  1. congrats for your 50,000+ pageviews :D
    Will be happy if you visit my blog ;;)
    Yeay for infinite !!

  2. Selamat ya, Stef. Thanks for your amazing blog yang sudah menginspirasiku untuk menulis review--bahkan meniru gaya mereviewmu, walau pelan-pelan aku mulai menemukan gayaku sendiri. Big thanks! ^^

  3. @mei: thank you! and visited your blog already ;)
    @vaan: makasiihh ;)) glad to be an inspiration ^^


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