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Friday, November 11, 2011

Book Review: The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, #1)

before i'm writing my review, here's something to celebrate today! :)
today is 11/11/11! 
it's a very special day today, so i hope today a lot of good things will happen.
i'm also posting this review at 11:11 AM to make the day more memorable :)
so on with the real post! ;)

 BOOK review

Started on: 6.November.2011
Finished on: 11.November.2011

the first thing i have to say is "WOW, i'm so happy i read this".
i am officially addicted to The Hunger Games series right now. the story is so exciting, entertaining, full of unexpected twists; and right now i'm craving for more. i will definitely read Catching Fire next :) i finished the book in quite a short time (i think), remembering that i'm so extremely busy now that it's nearing final exam. towards the end of the book, i absolutely can't put the book down because the intensity of the story is too high, i almost felt that i'm in the arena with the tributes. the book is thoroughly very satisfying and entertaining! i'm glad i had a chance to read this series :)
so, without further delay, here's the review:

the story sets in Panem; a city consisting of 12 Districts, each with a different resources to produce.
the main character of the story, Katniss Everdeen, is a 17 year-old girl from District 12, the coal miners district. she lives in the Seam; where she, her mother, and her younger sister - Prim - tries to survive and live everyday. Katniss has become the strength of her family since she lost her father. her mother became very week and undependable. she went to hunt in the woods to find animals and herbs to trade in town. her hunting partner, Gale, who's older than her, taught her many things and made her capable of hunting.

every year, the Capitol held an event called The Hunger Games. each district need to have 2 tributes, a boy and a girl, to join the tournament. 24 tributes then will enter an arena, where they fill fight for their lives, surviving hunger, and kill each other. in the end, only 1 tribute will win.

on the day of reaping (the event of choosing a tribute for the Hunger Games),  everyone in District 12 gathered in the square, waiting for Effie Trinket to draw the name of the chosen tribute from a ball.
Katniss feels numb, when the name called by Effie, is no other than Primrose Everdeen. her 12 year-old younger sister. the moment she heard Prim's name called by Effie, Katniss instantly run forward, volunteering herself to take Prim's place as a tribute. the other tribute from District 12 is a boy named Peeta Mellark; the son of a baker who had a long history with Katniss and had saved her life.

from that moment onwards, the Hunger Games begin.
the 24 tributes are then trained and being prepared for the games. then thrown into the arena.
from that point on, the tournament of life and death begins.
*i don't want to spoil anything related to the scenes in the arena, 
because that's where the good parts are◕ ‿ ◕

instead, i will talk about my favorite parts from the book. my favorite character is - of course - Peeta Mellark. his character is witty, funny, and just absolutely lovable. at first, his character is a bit confusing whether he's the good or the bad guy. but in the end, i successfully fell in love with his character ;) i actually liked Cato from District 2, as i've said in my Hunger Games post. but unfortunately, i found out his "sort-of-bad-guy" character, and got a bit disappointed :( nevertheless, he's still very good looking ;P
my favorite scenes in the book is whenever Katniss and Peeta interact which each other (especially in the arena). they're very sweet ;) one of the things that made me love this book so much is the unexpected twists to the story, making me excited, shocked, and happy at the same time.

overall, I LOVE THIS BOOK.
will definitely read Catching Fire next. i need it now! :)

5/5 stars

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