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Sunday, September 25, 2011

i miss going to the bookstore. really :(

it's been 9 days.

this is just random actually. but is really important to me. 
it's probably been more than a week that i haven't go to the bookstore, and not buy a single book during those times :( it's a really sad thing. i miss the bookstore already. all these days, i have been looking through pictures of libraries and bookstores on tumblr. i know this makes me sound very nerdy, but honestly that's who i am. i am, truly, very nerdy and the bookworm type of girl.
SO i'm planning to visit the bookstore sometime this week; even though it's mid-term test week :P
and anyway, i'm also waiting for my package from that i ordered around a month ago. it's supposed to arrive on the 30th, but i'm so impatient this time! (maybe i'm too anxious because it's my first time ordering from amazon). well, that's it for now :)
*off choosing a date to visit the bookstore* yayy!


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