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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: Books You're Thankful For

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I haven't posted a Top 5 Wednesday post in a very long time. And since I ran out of posts to write these days, I thought this week's topic is pretty interesting to talk about. The topic is to list the Top 5 Books You're Thankful For; and right after I saw the topic, I already have a list of books at the top of my head. I also have some of the books reviewed already, so you can read them if you're interested :) Here are the books in no particular order.
Quiet by Susan Cain | Book Review
The very first book that I thought of is this, Quiet by Susan Cain. I've said this in a few of my posts before (and in the book review as well) that I'm an introvert. And as I was reading this book, it felt like the book completely understands me and it's a really nice feeling to be understood. Other than that, this book also encourage me to stretch myself out of my comfort zone. In the end, this book assured me that there's nothing wrong about being an introvert in this world filled with Extrovert-ideal. And I'm forever grateful for that :)
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch | Short Goodreads Review
This one is a book that's very close to my heart and I still treasure it to this day even though it's been 5 years since I read it. The Last Lecture is filled with a lot of life lessons, which most of them I've heard from somewhere else in the past. But I'm grateful to be reminded of the simple yet important things in life by this book. I always get emotional whenever I remember the reason why Randy Pausch wrote this book, and I'm thankful for that as well :')
Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom | Short Goodreads Review
This is the first Mitch Albom book I read back in 2009, and since then he has been (and forever will be) one of my favorite authors. In some ways, this book has changed me and my way of thinking about life. Just like what's written on the cover, this book contains 'life's greatest lesson'. It's such an inspirational book for me and I wouldn't mind reading it again some time in the future. Honestly, I wouldn't be the person that I am today without this book.
God is Not Mad At You by Joyce Meyer | Book Review
For the fourth book, I chose a Christian/spirituality book that's been a tremendous help in my life. As a Christian who constantly struggled with sins, there's always this daunting thought about God being mad at me for the things that I did. And this book has helped me break away from that. A lot of the stories in this book touched my heart (even made me cry) because they made me realize how much God loves us unconditionally. I'm so thankful for this book and I'm really glad I decided to pick it up :)
Lastly, it's a book that I recently finished and it's a life-changing read for me—just like the title said. Because of this book, I managed to throw away TONS of things in my room that I don't need which I've been holding onto for so long. Now that I've got rid of those things, I feel much better and never once did I look for them. There's a lot of helpful tips about tidying up in this book and Marie Kondo guides us step-by-step through her Konmari method.

Those are the top five books that I'm thankful for! Forever grateful to these authors for writing them, and like I said earlier, I wouldn't mind re-reading these books in the future :) What are the books you're thankful for? Or have you read any of the books I have on this list? Feel free to share your thoughts or your own T5W posts in the comments below :) Okay, bye now!
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  1. When the book has quotes, or wise words ... it will last in my memory for a long time. But, book that makes me do something? hmmm.... the last book I read is eat pray love, two weeks ago. So many books that makes me open my eyes, but book that makes me do something? books religion-themed.

    1. Yep, those kinds of books stick with me for a very long time too :D


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