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Saturday, October 18, 2014

On Short-Hiatus: 18-25 October 2014

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Some exciting news today! As I've probably mentioned in my previous wrap-up post, I will be going on a short holiday with my friend. To South Korea, my favorite travel destination (so far) ! YAYYY ! I will be going from 18 - 25 October; but thankfully I have a lot of posts scheduled to be published while I'm away—mostly are non-review post and 1 book review I think. So I will talk a little bit about our plans for this holiday, and some things that we wanted to do while in Seoul~♥

Last time I went to South Korea, it was during Summer, and it was burning hot—so I was sweating buckets the whole time. But this time around, we're going to experience Fall season ! I never really get to experience Fall/Autumn season during my holiday, because my family only has time to go on holiday during Summer/Winter. We both decided to go during the low season, so the price won't be too expensive. And we reserved an individual tour, so there will be a lot of free time.

What I'm most excited about, is going to Lotte World—a huge amusement park! It's been ages since I've been to an amusement/theme park like Disneyland; and when I went to Korea, the tour guide usually took us to Everland. So this is the first time for me to go to Lotte World, which has so many rides and attractions that I want to get on to. Some that I really want to ride are Gyro Drop, which is a ride that takes us high up to the sky and then free-fall at high speed. There's another similar one nearby called Bungee, which obviously will feel like bungee jumping. I absolutely loveee thrilling rides like these. And I never get to ride them when I'm going with my family. So I will drag my friend to go on it with me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ undefined
There are many more rides that I want to try out; and Lotte World is hugeee, including indoor and outdoor attractions. So I will most definitely post what I actually get to ride after I get back home. Aside from the thrilling rides/attractions, there are tons of restaurants that I can't wait to try out. Well, I basically just want to try many authentic Korean foods. Because the Korean foods I eat here in my city, doesn't have much variety. Oh yes, I love food. Just hoping I won't gain too much weight though.

Another thing we're most excited about is shopping in Korea! Talking about shopping, there are so many places we wanted to visit, including: Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, Hongdae Univ, Ewha, and many more. I'm not even sure if we will be able to visit all these places within several days. And this will also be the first time for me roaming around Seoul only with my friend and without my family/tour guide. I do have some worries and felt a bit nervous, but the excitement beats everything of course.

I will be back home in a week, and probably I'm going to write a post regarding my holiday trip on this blog—even though I think none of it will be related to books. So see you again in another week and enjoy my pre-scheduled posts ;)) 안녕~

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  1. YAYYYY! shopping is a must when it comes to Seoul (laughs) have fun with your trip, dear :D

    1. hahahha xD everywhere in Seoul is shopping xD thank you!

  2. Annyeong sist^^ You said that you were joined an individual tour. What kind of an infividual tour? May share? Gomawo^^

    1. Hii ;)) Individual tour is a tour you make with one or more friends in a group.
      There's a scheduled tour like going to tourism places for several days, and the rest of the tour you have free time and can decide what you want to do by yourselves :)

      Hope this short answer helps ;))

    2. Aah... Okay then. Thanks for sharing^^ Really wish to go there. Hopefully soon :D


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