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Friday, May 23, 2014

Throwback: Favorite Mangas

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This is going to be a new feature on my blog, a Throwback post! I mentioned in this post, that I'm going to share my reading history. So I thought why not do a throwback; and I can also reminisce on the books I've loved in the past. The first topic, as stated in the title is my Favorite Mangas. I grew up reading mangas; starting from elementary school until high school. I kind of stopped buying them when I'm in university; because I spent all my money on buying novels. And I also give away most of my mangas away to my cousin, so I can have more space on my bookshelves for new books ㅠㅠ. Anyway, so in this post, I will share some of the mangas I loved during my teenage years (in no particular order) :))

Parfait Tic by Nagamu Nanaji
The first one on this list is a love-triangle romance story (that's probably worse than Twilight), but it's so cute and fluffy (I also love the boys). It's about two boys (Daiya and Ichi) who just moved near Fuuko's house. They went to the same school, and Fuuko had to befriend both of them - who have conflicting personalities. Ichi is really cool and indifferent, while Daiya is extremely friendly and warm-hearted. Fuuko started off liking Daiya, but then Daiya said he doesn't know what 'love' is yet - so while Ichi comforted her, she grows to like him. AND THEN, Daiya realized how he missed Fuuko who had created distance between them. Oh yes, it's that cheesy. But I absolutely love the plot, additional characters that adds in conflict, and I love Daiya! ♥♥ Although I do kind of hated Fuuko's character for her indecision - kind of how I don't like Bella Swan. The image above might not show it, but Daiya and Ichi are really charming and handsome in the book. Wish I could have neighbors that charming. Oh, and this manga was adapted into a taiwanese serial drama too - which I really enjoyed as well ;) (22 Volumes)

UFO Baby by Mika Kawamura
This is probably one of my earliest favorite, which I read back in elementary school. It is a fantasy-romantic-comedy manga, a girl named Miyu has to live in the same house with a guy named Kanata - because their parents suddenly left *I know, sounds weird. But it's manga... so let's just accept that*. And then suddenly, an alien baby called Ruu came into the house. So Miyu and Kanata have to take care of Ruu (since their faces resembles Ruu's parents), and their bond as a family strengthen through various adventures. This manga is just so full of fluffy and cute scenes; I absolutely adore Kanata ^3^ And after Miyu and Kanata got married, the series continued with the story of their daughter. But I still like this one better ;) (9 Volumes)
Ranma ½ by Rumiko Takahashi
Oh gosh, I love both the manga and the anime for this one! I never want to miss an episode on Animax ㅋㅋ So this is a martial arts manga, combined with romantic-comedy and fantasy. Basically it's about a boy named Ranma (and some other people) who will transform into different form when they come in contact with cold water. Ranma has this curse of turning into a female version of himself; while his father turned into Panda. There's a lot of characters in this book, including Akane - who's supposed to marry Ranma. There's a lot of funny and even heart-warming scenes in this series; I absolutely love the drawing style as well. You might realize, this is the same artist who make Inuyasha - but I never got to read or watch that series ㅠㅠ (38 Volumes) - I work so hard in finding every volume so I can complete my collection :'))
Salad Days by Shinobu Inokuma
This one is actually a pretty normal series (nothing extraordinary or things that doesn't make sense); it talks about slice of life with a lot of romance in it. This series contains several standalone stories; but some of the characters may appear in other story as supporting casts. It's just a sweet manga that I really enjoyed reading :)) (18 Volumes)
Alice 19th by Watase Yuu
Alice 19th is a romance fantasy series, which focuses on Alice - who's always overshadowed by her sister. After saving a 'rabbit', Alice is told that she is destined to be a Lotis Master - who uses the power of words and communication. Alice then accidentally made her sister disappear with the Lotis Words. So then Alice's journey is to bring her sister back from the dark world - along with a guy Alice like, Kyou - who's also a Lotis Master. I absolutely love Watase Yuu's drawing style, and I have another one of her series that becomes my favorite (later on this list). (7 Volumes)
Let's Ask Dr. Rin by Kiyoko Arai
This is another fantasy-romantic-comedy manga series, about Meirin - a girl with feng-shui superpowers. With her feng-shui ability, Meirin opens an online consultation service under the name Dr. Rin. She then goes on a different set of adventures where she faces obstacles and paranormal events that she need to get over. I love Asuka (the boy that Meirin likes) and also Tenshin - Meirin's cute pet monkey ^3^ It's a really fun, exciting series, and the drawings are cute. (8 Volumes)
I'll by Hiroyuki Asada
So this is probably the only sports manga that I will love, ever. Because besides talking about sports, it also has romance, friendship, and drama. The basketball scenes in this manga is really fun to read, because besides talking about basketball tricks, it also has deep character interaction in it. The story focuses on the two boys: Akane and Hiiragi who are equally talented and are very competitive with each other. I absolutely love the bromance between these two boys. Akane also has a childhood friend, Sumire, and slowly their friendship grows into sweet romance. I adore this series so much! (14 Volumes)
Lovely Complex by Aya Nakahara
This is probably the cutest love story I've read in a manga, it's a romance between a short guy and a taller girl. Risa is a girl who's 172 cm tall, while Ōtani is a boy who's 156 cm tall. They are frequently called "All Hanshin Kyojin" - comedic duo with similar height differences. Their friendship begins as they helped each other to gain their individual love interest - but both failed at it. And soon Risa started liking Ōtani, but everything is complicated. Even though I can imagine how their relationship would look weird in real life, I still ship these two because they're so comfortable with each other. And Ōtani has that charm which easily makes me fall for him too. It was adapted into a movie as well, and Ōtani was played by Koike Teppei (who I think is perfect for the role) (17 Volumes)
Imadoki! by Watase Yuu
The next one is another Watase Yuu series that I mentioned earlier; it's a school-drama with a pinch of romance and comedy in it. The plot actually sounds quite cliche; it's about a girl named Tanpopo (means Dandelion), a girl from the countryside who just moved to this exclusive high school called Meio - where a lot of rich people go to school. She then met Kouki, a guy who's really cold and indifferent. As people found out that Tanpopo came from the countryside, she was constantly bullied - and Tanpopo's reaction made Kouki grew interest in her. Along the way, Tanpopo made a lot of new friends, and even fall in love with Kouki. But Kouki is the son of the school's owner, and is on a completely different level with Tanpopo. Yes, it's a romance about a poor-brave-girl with the rich-cold-guy which has been written hundreds of times. But this one is so heartwarming and (again) cute :3 It's a short series, yet totally memorable for me. (5 Volumes)
Mangas by Wataru Yoshizumi 
I basically love Wataru Yoshizumi's drawing style; I think it's very cute and distinctive. I love some of her works, the first one is Marmalade Boy - a romantic comedy manga. It's starts with a girl named Miki and a boy named Yuu whose parents wanted to switch partners (I know, WTH right). The story continues with Miki and Yuu's relationship growing even further, and both are also influenced by the other secondary charcacters. (8 Volumes)
My next favorite is Mint na Bokura, this one is also a romantic-comedy story which focuses on the twins: Noel and Maria. Maria had a crush on an older boy and got into his school to pursue love. Noel, who's jealous and and loves his sister too much, decides to go in that school as well. Unfortunately, the only spot left is to get in the girl's dorm. Having the same face as Maria, Noel disguised himself as a girl and got into the school. The story continues with complicated friendship and romance because of Noel's disguise. Such a fun series! (6 Volumes) I also love Wataru Yoshizumi's Ultra Maniac - but I only watched the anime and not read the manga.

So there you go, I've shared 10 (or 11) of my favorite mangas from when I was still in elementary school until high school. Even though I gave most of my standalone mangas away, I would keep these favorites with me - because I have such fond memories about them. I actually still have a lot more favorites, but I forced myself to only list my most favorite ones. If you loved manga as well when you were younger (or you still love them even now), what mangas are your favorite? ^3^ What do you think of the ones I listed in this post if you've read them?

Making this post was so much fun for me, because I get to remember the cuteness of manga even though the plot sounds strange and cliche (most of the time). Hopefully this post wasn't too long to read ^^;; And if you have any suggestion for this throwback post (what to list and reminisce), write on the comments below please ;D Thank you~ Bye!

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  1. dulu juga suka Salad Days, tapi kalau baca sekarang, entah kenapa malah kurang suka :|

    Kalau dari yang di atas, aku juga suka sama Alice 19th, Imadoki, dan Ranma 1/2

    Pernah baca Parfait Tic juga, tapi kurang suka. Ceritanya muter2 :\

    1. hahaha aku mgkn kalo baca skrg jg ngga suka xD

  2. Aku suka banget nontonin Ranma 1/2. Kocak bangettt!! Tapi gak pernah baca manga-nya. Gambarnya kayaknya ga oke. hihi. Sama Imadoki aku juga suka. Beberapa waktu lalu baru baca lagi online.

    1. iyaaa :D:D manga-nya juga sama lucu kayak anime nya kok xD

  3. salad days kurang suka dulu nyoba baca tapi nggak nyambung, suka banget sama Parfait tic, imadoki dan I'll, hahahahha, kayaknya mayoritas pecinta buku awal mulanya suka baca komik dulu deh :)

    1. hihihi kayaknya sih begituu :D tp skrg malah hampir ga pernah baca komik lgi

  4. Waa..kenangan lama. Enaknya punya komiknya jadi bisa baca ulang. Aku juga suka ma Lovely Complex. Harusnya dibikin serial deh, karena perkembangan hubungan Risa dan Otani setelah pacaran juga menarik banget. Aku suka artwork I'll tapi gak kelar baca. Komik sport pilihan tetep Harlem Beat (I'm struggling to complete the series, still hunting. he..he..).
    Saran untuk throwback post, hmm..novel2 jaman jebot. Aku suka baca novel2 Enid Blyton atau RL. Stine pas SD n SMP. Bagaimana denganmu?

  5. Ooh, I really love Watase Yuu's works too! Alice 19th is one of my fave, actually (Beside Ceres and Fushigi Yuugi). Lovely post, by the way! Loving this whole throwback idea :)

    Neysa @ Papier Revue

    1. Yayy! You should make a throwback post on your blog too ;))


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