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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book Shopping ♬


it's been a while :) since the end of February i've been ordering few book packages and they arrived early March; but i never found time to post my book shopping. so here's a bunch of books i bought these few weeks :) *quite a lot, to be honest... i'm such a spender on books* but there are books which i got from winning contest; 2 books are from Orizuka's Fate Novel Review Contest :) i was also curious with Agatha Christie's series since BBI members made reviews for the book. when i saw there are so many titles online, i decided to get 4 of them first to try out. hoping that i'll come to enjoy reading mystery books *crossfingers*. the book called Komunikasi Cinta actually wasn't bought for pleasure; it was actually a part of my college study :X  my lecturer told me this book will be part of the mid term's exam, so i decided to buy it... there's also a book i ordered from Gramedia, and i had the author's autograph on the first page! :)) here's the picture of it below :

List of Books:
1. Memoar Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
2. Murder on the Links (Lapangan Golf Maut) by Agatha Christie
3. Parker Pyne Investigates (Parker Pyne Menyelidiki) by Agatha Christie
4. Problem at Pollensa Bay (Masalah di Teluk Pollensa) by Agatha Christie
5. Death on the Nile (Pembunuhan di Sungai Nil) by Agatha Christie 
6. Komunikasi Cinta by Djito Kasilo
7. Koleksi Kasus Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
8. Fate (New Edition) by Orizuka
9. Love United by Orizuka
10. Dimsum Terakhir by Clara Ng
11. Sonata Musim Kelima by Lan Fang
12. Petualangan Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
13. Maryam by Okky Madasari

i feel a little itchy because of not writing anything in my blog lately. so here's a random rant of me saying sorry for not writing any reviews these few days. i'm currently reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See, an English book which always took me longer to read. even worse, i've got so many assignments lately especially because it's nearing mid term exams, which eats away my reading time ... i'll make sure to keep reading though, and will write a review as soon as i finish :)
wish me luck for my exams! ;)) 



  1. Hi Stefanie! I discovered your blog as I was searching for reviews for Please Look After Mom. I'm also planning to write my own review for it.

    I must say that you have a great and lovely blog. I love to read too and I'm interested on your reads too. I'm one of your newest followers now.

    Hope we could get to know each other better too albeit online :)

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Diane :)) i'm really glad that you liked my blog ;)
      hope to get to know you as well ;)

  2. Stef, akku uddah agak lama nii kayakna tau blog mu, also we're linking to goodreads and YM. But we've never talking to each other yet.
    Akku suka banget baca. So Damn Love It! Dan merasa terbantu banget sm revie2muu disini... Semacem pencerahan gitu kali ,,, heuheu....
    Hasil nya dakku jadi bikin list buku2 yg HARUS KUDHU NGGAK BOLEH NGGAK di beli,, haha

    1. Haii :)) ikut seneng jg kalo reviewku ternyata membantu ^^
      keep reading! ;)


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