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Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Books Always Makes Me Happy :)

NEW BOOKS arrived! 

at least something to cheer me up in my extremely busy time.
as i've said in my last post, i've got Steve Jobs book :) here i posted a picture of  me with the book ;P the book was published by Bentang Pustaka (indonesian version). and TODAY 2 books i ordered last month arrived from amazon ! YAY! i bought two books by John Green:
2. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

i read a lot of good reviews regarding John Green's books, so i thought i might give it a try :) the books are specified as Young Adult books, so i'm hoping it will be a light read for my holiday ;) on goodreads, Paper Towns general rating reaches 4.14 stars, which means it should be really good, because even good books doesn't even get a 4. while An Abundance of Katherines goes up to 3.93 stars, almost reaching a 4; but it sounds good enough to try out :) even so, i won't be reading these two books anytime soon, because my final exam coming up and also many other books are already waiting in line. this will probably be in my reading list for 2012.

so that's it for now :)
i'm going back to my sweet assignments.


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