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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

College Life: Just... Tired.

really tired. phew. these last few days have been very tiring for me. so many assignments need to be done in such a short time. i really wish i have time to nap...
this month is the time for me to have my mid-term test, so i'm busy and nervous at the same time. i really need to get good marks to improve my GPA this semester. the very sad thing about it is: i don't have much time to read. after doing so many assignments, i'm so tired and sleepy; all i want to do is sleep afterwards. one of my works recently is for Design Methodology class. (honestly i don't really understand why i need to take this class .__.) the assignment is to make a poster with the theme "Hip Hop music Festival". here's the picture for you to see :)

so for the next few days i think i won't be able to update anything. i hope i can do everything well this semester and pass with good grades. ;)

oh how i miss reading ;'(


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